How’s this for a story beginning?


How's this for a story beginning?

The rusty safe sat in a little used corner of a demolished building, at an angle that forced a viewer to wonder how it had come to be there. A faded, white letter “A”, only slightly visible in the ackground of chalky, dusty orange gave any inclination of what haunting memories might ooze out of the dark interior.


“Country Life Discipleship” site is up and running



The long awaited day has arrived!

Maybe “a” long awaited day would be better, but it’s still an amazing step.

After spending the last weeks working on “South Pole Vendetta” the time opened up to address the related issue of a website to call home. The result is

Home to all my books, a page for freebies, and a store all my own, I have taken the next step down the road of “Country Life Discipleship Ministries”.

If you’re interested in the latest on my books, have a passion for discipleship, or are just a genuinely nice person; may I invite you to stop by and let me know what you think? I’m very interested in any comments or ideas – and you could even buy a book while you’re there. Except for “South Pole Vendetta” – we’re still a few months away from that release (but you can pre-order).

Anyhow, meander on over and visit for a minute or two. We’ve tried to create a comfortable, easy site to look around on; and we think you may just learn something while you’re there.


Weather at the South Pole




It almost never gets above 32° F (0° C) in Antarctica and the highest recorded temperature at the South Pole is 7° F (-13.8° C).

An interesting fact about the South Pole, the extreme cold hd resulted in many “one of a kind” situations for the continent.

For “South Pole Vendetta” the invasion, weaponry, and lust for oil are all based on new technology making the place more “user friendly”. With temperatures considerably colder than your personal “deep freeze” the constantly improving evolution of clothing and winter apparel enter into the story.