What a day!



The first thought I had was that it seems so much more “real” now.

After everything that has happened with the book it doesn’t seem like this event should have been the pinnacle, the climax of the publishing phase of the work, but I really felt as though the final hurdle had been cleared when I opened the box of hardcovers. Maybe the word “final” isn’t the right one, because now marketing becomes the core of my life, but – seeing the hardcover – it seemed as though all of the pieces were in place to see the book move forward. There was just something different about these books and all the rest.

For that reason I began asking the question, “What was so special about getting the hardcovers as compared to all the copies received before this?”

I don’t know that I have a good answer to that question, but I do have some ideas; and some further related questions. 1. Even with the artistic abilities I have, the professionally-finished book has a certain feel that I didn’t get with the books I had done. Is it because of a certain level of familiarity, or something more? 2. There is something special about a hardback compared to a paperback version. Does that carry over to being able to sell hardbacks to potential customers? 3. I have waited on a large portion of the early sales techniques and ideas until I could share this special part of the process with those who have been so supportive. Have I given those copies too much power and potential, or am I trying to stay connected to those who have been so much help – whether it helps with selling books or not? I think, and hope, it’s the second.

Much of the reason for this blog is to share the things I have learned, and am learning, through the process of being published – so I’m not sure that I have any great insight into these things. But I do hope that it can help someone else through the process.

I don’t know if you are considering some of these things, have considered them at some point in the past, or are just getting ready for your debut in publishing; but I would be interested in hearing what you think of these questions and thoughts. If you have any insight or questions, please feel free to respond – and I will try to share those in future blogs.

Oh yeah – if you’re interested in a pre-release copy of the paperback or the hardback please let me know. The cost is $20 for paper, and $30 for hardback. You can reach me at chuckmyers2@me.com — so much for having marketing figured out!