My Life as an Author, or Learning to Market

Writing is hard work! After seven years, and writing more than a dozen stories, non-fiction pieces, and short stories I may have reached the conclusion that I have been working on the easy part.

Over the past couple of weeks this picture shows the things around which my life is now revolving. You’ll notice that there isn’t a lot related to writing in this picture.

What have I learned?

In this modern world of book publishing an author had better be ready to do a lot of the work of marketing themselves. Isn’t that an amazing thing to figure out? I’m quick, you now know my secret.

Actually, my thought to consider – for anyone who is taking this amazing trip called “publishing” – buy into the fact that you are now largely responsible for marketing yourself and your work, enjoy the things that come with it.


A Word about writing, or how to get your book published!

A word about learning to write or; getting your book published!


Are you sure you’re ready?


I told you it was a


about the subject!

So that’s not exactly what you were wanting to read?

I think every author has asked the question, “How do I get my amazing work, which I am sure I was destined to write, into the hands of those who were destined to read it, in today’s market?”

I’m nowhere near the top of the list of people you might want to ask about that, but I know this — it seems to be about a willingness to work at it. Work at being the best writer you can be, work at figuring out how you are going to approach the idea of traditional versus self-publishing, and prepare to work like crazy at marketing that amazing work – because that seems to be what today’s market is all about.

Let’s take a moment to look at each of these three areas individually:

What is the secret to being the best writer you can be in your genre? Work!

What is the “insider’s” view of traditional versus self-publishing? Yeah, it appears that it’s going to be all about — work, regardless of which direction you go. The idea of some publisher falling in love with your book and making you an over-night best-seller is long gone (if it was ever true to begin with).

What about marketing? No doubt about that one for me, it’s going to be a lot of — um, work.

Alright, so you could ask, “Who are you to know what’s best? You’re a newbie talking about something you don’t even know yet.” You’d be right. I decided to try to journal about the process, rather than wait until I was a success – if that ever happens.

There’s no doubt that I have a lot to learn about publishing a book in today’s amazing, you could call it frustrating, constantly changing market. Getting the words down on paper, or preserved on a hard-drive in our technology-driven society, is the easy part – I’m becoming convinced of that.

So, what’s my advice to someone trying to get a manuscript published? Prepare to do the work, take the time to allow your story to reach those that it needs to; editors, critiques, agents, and anything else that will move the process along. Then take some time to pray about it, God’s point of view on the subject is vital. Once you’ve done that, prepare to get back to work promoting, learning, interacting, critiquing, submitting, blogging, posting, and anything else that will move the process forward. After completing those steps, start all over and do it again.

Is it guaranteed to work? That’s a complex question. It will definitely accomplish a number of things, but whether or not it will get your manuscript published is beyond my knowledge. But I think it’s the best way to know you’re headed in the right direction.

Oh, one last thing. Be prepared for an amazing roller-coaster of an emotional ride. From high to low and back again. Sounds like the opening for a story like the “Hobbit” or something!