Country Life Discipleship

Country Life Discipleship is the driving force behind this whole “authoring” thing. When the question about why I was working on multiple manuscripts at the same time, the impetus behind leaving full-time pastoral ministry, and the reason for moving in a whole new career direction; the answer came back to one thing – a passion for discipleship.

I enjoyed pastoring, even if it was tremendously tiring at times; but the desire to share information on the subject of mentoring and discipleship was an opportunity that was impossible to resist. Besides that, I really felt that God was calling me to do this!

There was just one issue, I had a family that would have to take the journey with me.

For that reason, I need to thank my – long suffering – wife, Luella. My two younger sons, Kemery and Shawn for their support. I also want to let my two older sons, Derek and Brad, know how much their support was appreciated as well. And finally, my two dauther-in-laws – Daniela and Jenna; their willingness to join the free-for-all and help read and edit my manuscripts was appreciated also.

Having said that. . . .

The basis for the whole ministry is the book – still in development – “Transforming Followers to Disciplers Through the Power of the Small Group”. This book comes from the principles, illustrations, examples, and ideas developed while working with small groups of believers in several locales. Based on the things found in the book of Colossians, this book pursues the way in which small groups and rural areas play into the work of discipleship.

Another large part of this endeavor is the seminar series that goes by the title of this page; “Country Life Discipleship”. Designed to help small, rural churches develop a program for proactive discipleship there are several ways in which a local church can gain this information, including a study guide, workbook, and a teaching guide. We are also looking to develop the ministry by presenting seminars in several different formats.

We are also developing a very unusual commentary on this subject. “F2D” is a fictional story centered around the historical characters found in Colossae, and addressing the principles that make up this whole ministry.

Finally, we are currently working on several related books centered on the same subject – but coming from a number of various directions. From fiction to studies covering several different parts of the discipling process, we will be trying to give information and encouragement to those involved in this vital work.

God bless you for your interest and dedication.



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