It’s finally here!

It’s finally available. After years of work, the document that started it all is an ebook.

Working on multiple manuscripts at the same time, leaving full-time pastoral ministry, and dislodging our family and reestablishing it in another place were all the results of this first story.

While that might be considered an over-statement of the most grievous kind, it is really quite accurate. The wonder of writing about western history led to many other stories that we wanted to share. The results were a whole collection of various types of writing – all based in a passion for discipleship.

When the idea first came about to write a western containing friends, family, and other members of the communities we served, it was simply a fun idea. Now, a dozen years later, we hope that a reasonably good story will also be a tribute to the many – unmentioned – people that made ministry so special for us for years.

We have tried, very hard, to only use names and positions in the most basic way. This was to try to make sure that there was nothing that would be thought of as – in any way – communicating anything but pleasant memories of the people that meant so much. If we failed, in any way, to achieve that – we apologize.

We hope you enjoy the story even if you are unconnected to the characters in any way, but for those who were connected to these ministries – thanks so much!

Oh, by the way, you can find the book in the Kindle store at