Christian Aliens

Imagine the following scenario with me.

After years of scanning the universe for years for any sign of intelligent life, the unbelievable happens – we receive evidence that there is a very advanced race that is wanting to make contact.
Unlike most of our sci-fi movies and books, these particular aliens indicate that they would like to make contact on the planet we call Saturn.
Following a frantic deep space race undertaken internationally a ship is built and a crew assigned for the voyage.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird.

When the ship arrives in orbit around Saturn, they find that the race has already been there for some time, has created a landing area that is prepared for just this event, and is looking with great interest at how our ship will respond.
The crew arrives on the planet to find that, not only are they peaceful and advanced far beyond us, but many are what we would refer to as “Christians” as well. Complete with an understanding of a omnipotent, triune, omnipresent God; the idea of a Savior Who visited their planet to bring salvation and eternal life; and the concept of “original sin” and “eternal damnation for any who reject that salvation.
Unlike the planet Earth, a large majority of inhabitants of this planet have accepted the gift of salvation, and live their lives in a desire to work out that salvation in the way in which they respond to that gift.

Do you believe something like this is possible?

In a new book that I am working on I am forced to address this idea, and I am interested in hearing how others would respond to the following questions:
1. How would this revelation impact your worldview?
2. What are the implications of this on relationships with this race?
3. How would you respond to a resident of this planet and member of this race?

Responses to one or more of these questions would be appreciated.



11 thoughts on “Christian Aliens

    • Thanks for your comment. The idea of being aliens and strangers should not surprise us, but it still does – doesn’t it?

  1. Interesting idea. We’ve always been bombarded with sci-fi books and movies with aliens coming to earth to destroy us, but having an alien army of Christians coming to be missionaries to earth? …could be interesting. Good Christian fiction that is based on Godly foundations can reach people in ways that others cannot. It can open the door to seeking Jesus, reading God’s Word.

    And thanks for following our blog. We are having some exciting monthly posts coming up in June. We will feature a Christian author, and have an interview with her/him and have a drawing for one of their books. So far we have Ann Gabhart, Colleen Coble, Jennifer Erin Valent, and Denise Weimer committed for June-September.

    We hope you enjoy our posts and maybe win a free book in one of the drawings!

    • Thanks for the comment and follow.

      As far as the idea of Christian aliens, the idea came from an interest in sharing a unique situation. I know a young gal that was adopted as a very young child by a family from rural Nebraska. She is now in high school and grew up knowing nothing but rural, conservative – white – community. As a strong believer, I wonder what her life will be like in the coming years. The closest thing I could imagine was “Christian alien”.

      Anyhow, thanks again

  2. Showing my age here, but there was a song by Larry Norman in the early 70s about this very subject.(Album, Only Visiting This Planet). You can listen to it on Youtube: There’s a line in it that says, “If there’s life on other planets, then I’m sure he must know, and he’s been there once already and has died to save their souls.” Provocative topic.Best to you in your book.

    • Hey Julie,

      Sorry I haven’t got back to you. Busy week!

      I like the comment you made, and believe that a God that knows this universe and creation inside and out has already addressed this particular issue. The fascination comes as we consider the possibility that we are not the center of that universe.


  3. I sometimes wonder if there is someone else out there, and if so how God might carry out His plan for their redemption. I had never considered the idea that their lives would be largely opposite of ours, in that the majority of them would have accepted salvation. Were our two worlds to meet, would they be missionaries to our world? How many of our people would be responsible for corrupting the faith of how many of their people? How much reinforcement of Christian faith would occur between the two worlds?

    • Those are some of the same questions I have considered. While I think the chances may be rather slim, it makes for a compelling question – in my opinion.

  4. 1.How would this revelation impact your worldview?

    To me personally, I don’t think it would affect my worldview any. I am a believer in God and I believe that it would be a waste for God to have created the universe and not have any other intelligent life. I am willing to be wrong, but I fully expect to meet ET in Heaven.

    2.What are the implications of this on relationships with this race?

    The implications would be both good and bad. Imagine every talking head on every 24 news station blabbering on and on about this. They alone would drive the world into a mass panic. Add to that the millions of Preachers whipping their congregations into frenzy over the implications of believer aliens. Do they believe in water baptism? What about the rosary?

    The Religious world would be up in arms when their core beliefs are shaken depending on the traditions of the alien race. Then the secular world would also be driven into a panic because of the thought that everything they place their faith in has now been rejected. Science would take the back seat to religion, cats and dogs would be friends. The whole world is upside down.

    Finally, one billion Muslims would not be pleased. With their religion basically rejected, how would they react. If they have access to nuclear weapons, what would stop them from using them? At that point, what does it matter?

    3.How would you respond to a resident of this planet and member of this race?

    I don’t know. I think it would be best to batten down the hatches and hope to ride out the storm.

  5. 1. I would believe this to be the prince of the power of the air and the fowls of the air.
    2. This would bring about the strong delusion.
    3. I would stand firm on the Word of God.

    • Thanks for your comment on my blog, and the idea of “standing firm on the Word of God” is absolutely true.


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