My attempt at a “humorous” post.

You’ll probably understand why I leave the humor in the hands of the masters such as Rob Akers, at robakers/wordpress.com, or Joe Schwartz, author of “The Crossover Test”. So, here goes nothing:

I just looked at a gallon of “Ultra Pure White” paint from Behr, does that disturb anyone but me?

While the idea of a paint being “white” would seem straight forward, I have dealt with enough different colors of so-calledwhite to realize that there may be a need to call it “pure” white.

But what about the idea of something being “ultra” pure?

If something is pure, it doesn’t need to be called “ultra”, does it?

Have we truly arrived at a place in our society where there can be a “purer” pure, a “whiter” white, or an eternity plus one, for that matter?

It probably doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but I get disturbed by that type of language. Redundant language seems self-defeating and unnecessary, but it’s big in fiction writing.

Think of some other things that could be talked about this way:
A very dark blackness – or a very black darkness
A wet, drenching rain

Alright, so you get the idea, what does it have to do with writing?

It seems to me that “descriptive writing” often falls under the idea of “ultra pure white”. Doesn’t it seem as though “good” writing often falls under this idea of being flowery and just a little bit “over the top”?

Anyhow, I struggle with being “realistic” and “descriptive” without being “ultra pure white”. How about you?





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