And now for Something Completely Different

Can supernatural forces actually impact someone falling on a square-foot-size piece of ice?

Years ago my father and I determined to have a little bet between ourselves, maybe contest would be more precise. You see, we were both artists, both pastors, and had a mutual concern about what appears to be a dying art-form; chalk-talks.

I bet your on the edge of your seat with anticipation over what comes next, am I right?

So, a few years later my father came to me with the words, “I want you to have everything I’ve collected about chalk-talks. I’m not going to pursue it any further.”

Since then chalk-talks have been a “labor of love”, or more accurately a “feeling of compulsion”. I have tried to use them to honor my father even as I have seen the amazing ability to connect visual and auditory learning.

Fast forward to this week.

I had been asked to do a chalk-talk at the long-term care facility where my wife works. The opportunity to impact a group of people who often struggle to retain and comprehend spiritual matters is a special one.

Are you biting your figure-nails yet?

About two weeks ago I was delivering some work we had completed in the woodworking shop to a client when I stepped out of the pickup onto a small patch of ice little more than six inches square. Seconds later I was standing next to the truck glancing around checking to see who had seen my embarrassing tumble.

It was only later that my sore shoulder indicated that the event was more than just embarrassing. I realized over the next couple of days that I had actually injured myself.

Aging to the point where you have to begin considering seeing the doctor after slipping on the ice is a staggering point to arrive at – so, in keeping with my denial of my own mortality, I chose to “tough it out”.

Okay, so my physical ailments are not your favorite topic of “blog-ology” (I’m hoping I can come up with a new internet term that will make me famous).

Hang with me. There is a method to my madness. Or a madness to my method – I’m not sure which.

On Thursday I was working on another woodworking job. My arm was much better, thanks for asking. While finishing up I managed to re-injure my arm.

Wait a minute! You’re getting ready to move on to another blog – right?

Let me finish, I beg you.

Instead of drawing for a group of people, I’m writing this. My injury has resulted in me being unable to do the chalk-talk I was supposed to do.

So the question was raised, “If the chalk-talk was to be used of God, could the fall have been a weapon of Satan to thwart that plan?””

So, what would you say to my question now?

Can supernatural forces actually impact someone falling on a square-foot-size piece of ice?




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