9. Heroes don’t have to sleep with everyone who comes along.

Remember our top 10 futuristic story-lines from “South Pole Vendetta”?

10. The South Pole – no longer inaccessible
9. Heroes don’t have to sleep with everyone who comes along.
8. North Korea is looking for respect and power on the world’s biggest stages.
7. Is there really an ocean of oil under the South Pole?
6. The atlatl is an actual, legitimate, weapon – sort of.
5. The division of Antarctica between so many nations is a volatile situation.
4. Unmanned military airplanes will continue to evolve.
3. Nanotechnology will change warfare in the near future.
2. The Switchblade may be the next generation of military aircraft.

And the Number 1 futuristic story line from “South Pole Vendetta”:
1. Where’s the evidence for global warming?

It’s time for number nine. And there may not be anything futuristic about it. But I sure wonder what the future holds in the area!

When was the last time you saw a movie, read a book, or watched a television program in which the hero or heroine wasn’t sleeping with someone they weren’t married to?

Maybe you’ve seen, or read a story recently where you could say that the main character wasn’t involved in some extramarital affair – but it probably wasn’t a network station, a new block-buster movie, or a best selling author in the regular market. It seems that the “norm” for any of our recent authors, producers, or writers is to believe that “sex sells”.

That might be a problem, but the bigger problem is found in the fact that the consumer drives these mediums. This means that our society is telling Hollywood, New York, and every other center for the arts that we want those type of shows, movies, and books. Is it true?

What about the spy that doesn’t sleep around to accomplish the mission, the hero that is loyal to one special person, or the action character that believes in family values?

In South Pole Vendetta the main character – Orey – is confronted with that very issue. Does he sleep with the beautiful woman, or hold to his morals even when there seems to be little reason to do so?

I have to ask, “Doesn’t it take a bigger hero to stand strong for a single, life-long lover than it does to give in to the pressure and desire of the moment?” Isn’t it time for a hero strong enough to stand against the downward spiral of a culture in disarray?

Yeah, I know. It’s not popular to consider such a thing, but I firmly believe that we do a greater service by holding to a higher standard than we do in caving into the pressure of going with the flow. Now it remains to be seen just how many other “thriller” readers feel the same way. Do you suppose there’s any way a “virgin” hero will ever sell? I guess it remains to be seen.

And maybe I would have to admit, putting it at number nine in our countdown is an indication of my failure to believe. I hope not, I’ve been called an optimist for years.


2 thoughts on “9. Heroes don’t have to sleep with everyone who comes along.

  1. You have to believe in your character. If you present the character’s motivations in the correct context. Your readers will follow you. My characters are spiritual warriors who live to the strictest standards because to not live like that invites them to de-evolve into vigilantes and criminals. I try hard to give the reader a clear understanding of why they live this type of life. I think that most people want to believe in something better than themselves. Don’t be scared, give them a hero they can trust but show the struggle within.

    I have run into several writers who are working on something were the character is actively attempting to live a moral life. I think we all are tapping into a craving in the world and I think the world is ready to receive true heroes.

    I believe and I know you do as well!

    • Thanks for your comment Rob.

      Yeah, I definitely believe that the time has come for a hero with moral fiber. My characters are created that way.

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