Does your small group make these 10 mistakes?

Does Your Small Group Make These 10 Discipling Mistakes?

1. Downplay the importance of contacts
2. Overlook divine appointments
3. Use words rather than work
4. Fail to understand their true power
5. Not knowing when to speak and when to be quiet
6. Include fewer mentors than it should
7. Fail to have a program for teaching Bible doctrine
8. Misunderstand the place of conflict
9. Deal poorly with error
10. Hold on to a disciple for too long

Country Life Discipleship is committed to addressing, and helping churches address, these things in a biblical manner. Follow our journey at


2 thoughts on “Does your small group make these 10 mistakes?

  1. Great points. I was opposed to small groups in the beginning. But after several years of being in some type of group. I swear by them now. I think they are essential to the development of a strong walk. My family just changed churches and have a new small group now. It has been a big change, but needed. It takes a while to become integrated into a new group. Thank you for the post and reminder about how fortunate my wife and I have been in finding another strong group to join.

    • Thanks for your comment Rob,

      Discipleship through small groups is really core of why I’m writing. My passion and drive is discipleship – so your words were in keeping with what I have learned to be true.

      Thanks again,

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