Thinking about writing a book?

Have you ever thought of writing a book? Have you ever said, “I have a great story to tell”, but been unsure what to do about it?

My response to that, after five years of studying the subject – having finished my first three or four stories – is BEWARE! You are considering one of the most misunderstood “hobbies” there could possibly be.

In the 1990’s I thought it would be fun to write a western incorporating friends and people from the places we lived into the story. I wrote a little here and there, but didn’t do much more with it.

In the early 2000’s I returned to my story. I also started a couple more, and didn’t do much more with it.

Things would have been fine if I had left well enough alone at that point. Writing was something I could do, and I didn’t have to think any more about it than that.

Then, in 2005 and 2006, I began to feel compelled to write! If only I’d known the “pandora’s box” I was opening I would have thrown it all away while I was still safe.

Since then the “call” to write has sucked me into the spiraling vortex of doom. I write something – somewhere – every day now. And that would be one thing, but learning to be a “professional” writer in this day and age is another thing all together.

How naive I was to think that getting the story written was the hard part! Now that I have my first book soon to go into production I have paused to consider all the other stuff that came out of a “desire to write a story”.

Once I got the story done I had to figure out a way to get it out there for people to read. I’ve learned more about the industry and the difficulty of selling your book to anyone who cares than I could have imagined. It’s difficult to say the least. Editing, agents, various types of publishing, and so forth are all areas that I had no idea when I started how hard it would be.

Then my big break came, Tate Publishing agreed to publish my book! Since then I have found that there is SO much more to do: Promoting, sales, marketing, social media, websites, blogging, and more are all things that I’m just beginning to figure out.

Could I ever go back? I sometimes wish I could. But I wouldn’t change the things I’ve learned.

I don’t know where things will go from here. The whole reason for getting into the game is only beginning to peek its head out – with the “Country Life Discipleship”/”Followers to Disciplers” book nearly written. After all, that was the core idea that started all this.

I know I will keep writing the rest of my life, it’s taken over and I’m no longer in control of that part of my life. Only the truly insane writer will completely understand that.

But if you’re thinking of writing a book — BEWARE. Your life will never be the same again.


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