Future weaponry in the story “South Pole Vendetta”

One thing that has always fascinated me is the possible advances in the US military arsenal.


In researching this book, I came across a very interesting discovery. There appears to be a brand-new airplane design awaiting approval – but little more is known. The copyright/patent appears to be for a forward swept wing design that could allow for movement of its wings to go from a slower bomber configuration to a high-speed fighter.

While a similar idea is seen in the movie “I Spy” – 2002 – I didn’t see the movie until after finishing working on the book, yet the concepts are very similar. The design, speed, technological advances, etc. are about the same – although I had no thought of having the Switchblade in the book come with the type of cloaking technology seen in the movie. The thing that was the strangest, once I saw the movie, was that the names were the same.

Oh, and I never thought of having a remote control/key fob that would turn the cloaking on and off – so it wouldn’t “break” at just the wrong time. Ha Ha Ha

While it may not be on the same level as Tom Clancy’s use of B-2 bombers before they were ever released, I wonder if the next generation of aircraft won’t employ some of these ideas.

What do you think? Will we see a “forward swept wing design” in the near future? Will a plane be revealed that could go from slow, maneuverable bomber to high speed fighter with a move of the wings — forward?


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