Why “South Pole Vendetta”?

I would like to address the reason why I wrote “South Pole Vendetta”, and why I’m excited that it will be my first published book.

The quick, messy, answer is that I wanted a book that would have wide appeal in order to get my name out there. I simply hoped to write a good story that would bring in some revenue for Country Life Discipleship.

The more complex answer goes quite a bit deeper. There were three things that caught my attention in writing a book of this sort: 1. I love thinking about the newest, and even future, technology and weaponry of the US military, 2. I wanted to answer the apparent ease with which the liberal environmentalists have been able to “sell” the American people on the idea of global warming and a “hole” in the atmosphere, and 3. I wanted to address the Christian’s response to involvement in the ever increasing “unique” use of our military – in short, answer the question “What should a believer do in response to military service in ‘questionable’ circumstances.

While I look forward to selling books to as many people as possible, and hope that you will consider buying one, my target audience would be young people who are increasingly forced to address and consider these various issues. There are other issues considered in this story, single male/female interactions, submission to authority, the continent of Antarctica, etc. but I pray that the reader would consider sharing this story with a young person struggling with the issues of “militant environmentalists” and the issue of involvement in the military.



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